Enfield Youth Council

Empowering Young Enfield Key Priorities 2023

The Enfield Youth Council was elected on Friday 27th January 2023. The 2023 Enfield Youth Election appoints 20 young people as new members of the Enfield Youth Council (EYC) and two UK Youth Parliament members, to represent nationally.

Meet our Enfield Youth Council 


What is the Enfield Youth Council?

The Enfield Youth Council (EYC) is a local youth council, which consists of 20 Young Members. Enfield Youth Council Members have a responsibility to the whole community to champion the needs of all young people in the borough and to represent their views.

In doing so, EYC Members work to ensure that the young people they serve have a voice in the community, in improving services, and in positively influencing policy and key decisions the council makes on local issues. Furthermore, they run campaigns about important issues, and hold regular events, consultations and regularly attend scrutiny panels.

Elected Chair and Deputy Chair

Leyla Riley was voted as Chair and Anil Sahindal as Deputy Chair by the Enfield Youth Council  on 6th December 2023.

It is the role of Leyla to chair the monthly Enfield Youth Council meetings. If Leyla is unable to attend a meeting, it is the role of the Anil to chair the meeting/s.

Chair & Deputy ChairMy Photo
Leyla Riley - ChairLeyla Riley
Anil Sahindal - Deputy ChairAnil Sahindal

Scrutiny Meetings

Scrutiny is the activity of challenge of decisions and policies to ensure the best possible outcome for the people of Enfield.  Decisions are made by Council Officers, by the Council’s ‘Executive’ and by full Council (all Councillors).  

The Enfield Youth Council members attend each of the 7 scrutiny panel meetings with the purpose of Scrutiny to ensure Councillors and Officers are held accountable for the decisions they make on behalf of community. Scrutiny does not have decision-making powers, however, it tests whether the Council is making the right decisions and adopting the right policies and makes recommendations as to how Council services can be improved. Please see the 7 scrutiny panels below and the EYC members assigned to each panel.

Scrutiny Panels & EYC members assigned to each scrutiny panel

Children Young People & Eduction Scrutiny Panel – Matilda Ward, Finley Willis & Jaiden John Shaw
Crime Security Panel – Caleb Brown, Leyla Riley & Ruslana Hurley
Environment & Climate Change Scrutiny Panel – Estel Kayim, Sila Karapinar & Darren Paul
Finance & Performance Scrutiny Panel – Shanise Mensah, Iceniean Brazil & Shiloh Evans
Health & Adult Social Care Scrutiny Panel – Markela Lleshaj, Mithraya Kajenthiran & Josh Roberts
Housing Scrutiny Panel – Helios Francisco & Anil Sahindal
Regeneration & Economic Development Scrutiny Panel – Ruth Mobenge & Adam Messaili

What have the Enfield Youth Council been working on?

The Enfield Youth Council have been working on the Empowering Young Enfield Project.

Within the Empowering Young Enfield project, the EYC are in the process of developing the following 4 projects:

• Knife Crime Short Film

Aim: To create a short film/video to tackle knife crime among the youth. The Enfield Youth Council are currently working in partnership with the MET Police to create a short film which will focus on the aftermath of knife crime.

• Create a ‘Violence towards women and girls workshop’

Aim: To ensure that young people can identify early signs of abuse. The Enfield Youth Council are working the Targeted Outreach Worker to create a workshop which focuses on bringing awareness to the early signs of domestic violence. It is intended that these workshops will then be delivered in schools.

• Reading Mentors

Aim: To promote reading for children and young people in Enfield. The Enfield Youth Council would like to create a programme where reading mentors go to schools and libraries to read with young people that are just below age-related expectations.

• Free Financial Education workshops

Aim: Influence schools/headteachers to sign up free HSBC workshops to deliver financial education in schools. The Enfield Youth Council are working in partnership with HSBC to deliver free financial education workshops within schools.

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