Enfield's Young Mayor

Darren Paul and Sila Karapinar was internally elected by the Enfield Youth Council members as Young Mayor and Deputy Young Mayor on their residential trip in February 2023.

The Young Mayor has attended a full Council meeting which is when all 63 elected Councillors in Enfield meet to make decisions, this includes about things like the annual budget. At this meeting, the young Mayor provided a 5-minute update on the ongoing work of the Young Mayor, as well as an update on EYC projects. The Young Mayor and Deputy Young Mayor have also attended various events across the borough.

Enfield's Young Mayor and Deputy
Darren Paul - Elected Young MayorDarren Paul
Sila Karapinar - Elected Deputy Young MayorSila Karapinar

Young Mayor’s Campaign

The Young Mayor is working on a campaign to endorse and promote the CHiPS Campaign. CHiPS has been a network of ‘safe havens’ across the Borough of Enfield since 2006, where young & vulnerable people who are lost, at risk or feeling vulnerable can go into any CHiPS marked establishments to ask for help & assistance from the community.

The local shops, businesses and amenities display a sticker to let people know that they provide a temporary safe place and will help access support for them. This may be by telephone or as letting them wait until they feel comfortable and safe to continue their journey. ChiPS aim to provide point of safety across Enfield. Currently, there are 200 CHiPS points across the borough, and our CHiPS points are growing rapidly – these include schools, leisure centres, libraries & a network of shops as well as other street-front businesses.