Refer a Young Person

    Here you can refer young people to our activity-based programmes in section A or our Health and Wellbeing programme in Section B. You can refer young people to both Section A and B programmes.

    Young Persons details to be filled in. Please ensure all areas are filled in clearly before submitting.


    Please ensure all areas are filled in clearly before submitting.

    Referral Categories

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    Early Help? YesNo
    Looked After Child? YesNo
    YOS Prevention? YesNo
    Subject to a Child Protection Plan? YesNo
    Disabled? YesNo
    Active CAF or TAF? YesNo
    CIN Plan? YesNo
    Care Leaver? YesNo

    Activities-based programmes Section A

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    Please list the programmes you wish to refer a young person to.

    Health and Wellbeing referrals

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    Next steps once referral is received by the Health and Wellbeing youth worker:

    • Contact made with referrer
    • Contact made with the young person for introduction and to set up initial one to one meeting
    • Personal plan to be developed between Health and Wellbeing youth worker and young person.
    • 6-week intervention plan including signposting young people to Positive activities and connecting them to other services for young people within the Enfield area.