Apply for a Reading Mentor

The Reading Mentor programme has been created with the purpose of promoting the reading of young people aged between 11 – 13 in Enfield.

The Enfield Youth Council created a questionnaire using the six Empowering Young Enfield Priorities, from The Children and Young People’s Plan (CYPP).

This was distributed to schools and made available online to understand young people who live or go to school in Enfield, top 2 priorities. Based on the results, it was clear that one of the top priorities voted for was ensuring that children and young people have access to an excellent education and are equipped with the necessary skills for life and the workforce.

The Enfield Youth Council met with the Director of Education for Enfield Council; it was agreed that the Youth Council would focus on promoting the reading of children and young people in Enfield.

Statistics show that around a quarter of all children left primary school in 2022 unable to read well (, 2022). These children are at a disadvantage because they are unable to access their secondary education adequately, and this has lifelong consequences.

Good literacy at an early age improves academic achievement and this leads to greater opportunities of all kinds in adulthood (OECD, 2002). Therefore, the Enfield Youth Council decided they would work to develop a Reading Mentor Programme with the aim of promoting reading for children and young people in Enfield.

Each young person will be partnered up with a trained reading mentor who will act as a facilitator for reading. A reading mentor serves as a supportive figure who listens to young people read aloud. Here’s how the reading mentor functions in this context:

  1. Supportive Listening: The reading mentor provides an encouraging environment for the child to practice reading. They listen attentively as the child reads aloud, offering support and guidance as needed.
  2. Reading Comprehension: By actively listening to the child’s reading, the mentor can assess comprehension skills and help the child understand the material better. They may ask questions or provide explanations to enhance understanding.
  3. Building Confidence: Reading aloud to a supportive mentor can help children build confidence in their reading abilities. The mentor’s positive feedback and encouragement can motivate the child to continue practicing and improving their skills.
  4. Role Modeling: The reading mentor serves as a positive role model for the child, demonstrating a love for reading and the importance of literacy. This can inspire the child to develop a lifelong passion for reading and learning.
  5. Supplementing Parental Involvement: For children whose parents may be busy with work or other responsibilities, the reading mentor provides additional support for of listening to children/young people read.

Overall, the reading mentor role consists of providing a listening ear, guidance, and encouragement as the young person navigates the world of reading. The sessions will take place weekly for a period of an 45min – hour at either Edmonton Green Library or Enfield Town library over a 6 week period. If you think your child would benefit from the reading mentor programme, please complete the application form below. Please note there are limited spaces.

Please download and complete the form below:


and the return to by Friday 26th July 2024.