Priority 2

Build a strong network of supportive, lasting and positive relationships around our Care Leavers


What is in place?
  • A permanent Participation Officer has been recruited to lead on promoting the involvement and influence of our Care Leavers and to deliver an increased variety of participation activities to appeal to a wider range of young people both within the Enfield Care Leavers Hub and in the community.
  • Enfield Care Leavers Hub provides a space for Care Leavers to socialise together, access a range of support services in one place, attend group work sessions and to facilitate participation.
  • Enfield Care Leavers Forum meets regularly.
  • KRATOS Children’s in Care Council is open to young people up to 18 and offers a range of participation The Care Leavers forum is open to Care Leavers aged 16 to 25 years of age.


Looking ahead we will:
  • Increase training for staff on mediation strategies to ensure staff have the skills to assist young people to repair family relationships when these have broken down.
  • Strengthen our focus on kinship relationships to support young people to sustain support networks.
  • Explore opportunities to further develop our network of participation workers to ensure Care Leavers have dedicated opportunities and support to meet their needs during transition.