Priority 4

Support all eligible Care Leavers with appropriate accommodation according to their needs


What is in place?
  • Young People who are ready to leave the accommodation provided by the Care Leavers Service, normally by the time they reach 21, have an assessment of their accommodation needs so that plans can be made to support them to access appropriate long-term accommodation. This is also reflected in their Pathway Plans.
  • Strong partnerships and joint working with our Fostering Team and the Access to Resources Team (ART) which seeks suitable accommodation for Care Leavers 18-21-25.
  • A specialist over 18 Placement Officer has been recruited and has joined the ART Team, ensuring a centralised and consistent approach to commissioning accommodation for Care Leavers.
  • Access to a range of accommodation opportunities for Care Leavers, including those with more complex needs (i.e., therapeutic, mother and baby placements etc.)
  • The Placements team utilises a range of policies and processes to ensure that all placement provision remains subject to robust quality assurance and monitoring and provides high quality, safe and supported accommodation for our Care Leavers.
  • There is a monthly multi-agency Care Leavers Tenancy Nomination Panel, which considers nominations for Care Leavers who feel ready to access their own Council tenancies.
  • Support is available for young people who want to remain in the area where they have been living if this is not Enfield, through the local Council or via a rent deposit for private renting
Looking ahead we will:
  • Enhance support to help Care Leavers get ready to manage a This involves offering individual sessions with a Personal Advisor or group work through the Job Centre to make sure young people are getting their full benefit entitlement; they get assistance on how to manage their money; and they understand their responsibilities as a tenant.
  • Work alongside Enfield Housing to create a clear homeless prevention pathway for Care Leavers over the age of 21.
  • Work with the Council’s Housing department to provide written information about what is realistically available to Care Leavers and how they can access this.