Goal 3: Engage in education, training and/or employment (EET)


This is a specialised new role within the Care Leavers Service that aims to work with you one to one to address whatever barriers are preventing you from engaging in education, training or employment opportunities and support you in exploring different EET options based on your skills, preferences and life goals.

You can find more information on this Service HERE


This Is a group of professionals that come together every month to find education, employment and training opportunities for YOU at any given time. The Panel takes place on a monthly basis to work with your Social Worker or Personal Advisor and create for you opportunities and ways to engage you in education, training or employment if you are not involved in any of these activities.

Enfield STAAH Panel continually looks at new and creative ways to engage you into some form of meaningful activity and to give you the chance to find sustainable and fulfilling work opportunities. We have a “don’t give up attitude” so we will won’t stop searching for the best employment and education route tailored just for you.

ENFIELD YOUTH SERVICE (16-19 and 16-25)

Delivers an “Open Access Youth Offer” through their Youth Centres where they provide a safe environment where you can access informal learning opportunities, information and guidance around a whole range of issues meaning that you are better informed about life choices and the opportunities that are available to you. This provides you with structured activities in which you can gain a range of nationally recognised awards and qualifications. You can engage in positive activities such as multi-media, health and fitness, music, dance, issues-based workshop and many others where you will be able to gain transferable skills.


Apprenticeships will give you fantastic experience in the working world to show future employers that you can hit the ground running. Hands-on training offers you a real chance to put your skills into practice and helps you gain more confidence in a working environment whilst getting a qualification.

Becoming an apprentice at Enfield Council will provide you with:

  1. free, high-quality training
  2. the chance to earn while you learn with a competitive salary
  3. a great way to get back into the workplace after a career break, or to retrain in new areas
  4. a boost to your future earnings potential
  5. skill development for a range of exciting jobs or careers, no matter your age or background
  6. degrees through an apprenticeship – same qualification with no additional living costs or student debt, and real in-work experience in your chosen field of expertise. These are normally level 6.

Enfield has been running a successful apprenticeship program for many years. More than 75% of our apprentices gain full-time employment or progress on to another qualification, and some have gone on to become managers within our organisation. We are committed to increasing bespoke apprenticeships for Care Leavers allowing you to gain a recognised qualifications and work experience in the Council followed by a fast track apprentice interview.

You can find lots of advice on how to apply for vacancies and apprenticeships with Enfield Council via our careers page – https://new.enfield.gov.uk/services/jobs-and-careers/ 

If you can’t find a suitable apprenticeship with Enfield Council or a school, you can search on GOV.UK/Find an apprenticeship – https://www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship

If you want to know more about apprenticeships, visit Amazing Apprenticeships –  https://amazingapprenticeships.com/


In order to help you sustain Education or Training your Social Worker or Personal Advisor will inform you and help you to access any financial support in the form of grant or bursaries that you may be entitled to depending on what you are doing.

Based on an assessment of need you may also be entitled to one-off payments from the Leaving Care Team to cover transport costs, education/training equipment material (including access to a laptop) and any other expenses that you may need to face.

If you are completing a traineeship/apprenticeship and its allowance is less than the Leaving Care maintenance allowance it will be topped up to the equivalent amount by the Leaving Care Service.

If you are in Higher Education and not supported with accommodation provided by Enfield Care Leavers Service then you are entitled to a grant of £3500 per year which includes the Government Higher Education Bursary. The Higher Education Grant is available for a maximum of 4 years to cover Access Courses, Foundation Courses and 1st Degree Courses. The 4 years also covers the provision of one retake year.

The Leaving Care team is also able to provide a one-off post graduate grant of up to £3500.00 per student towards the cost of post graduate courses depending on a needs assessment and after ensuring that all avenues of funding have been explored.

SMART WORKS offers a two-hour dressing and coaching service for unemployed women with confirmed job interviews. Each client has a personalized styling session with two Smart Works volunteer stylists, receiving a complete outfit of high quality clothes and accessories for their specific job interview, which are free and hers to keep.https://smartworks.org.uk/ Ask for a referral from your Social Worker or PA as we have a contact person within their Islington/Angel branch.
SUITED AND BOOTED Suited & Booted is a charity based in the City of London that helps unemployed and low-income men to get them into employment by providing suitable interview clothing donated by companies and professionals. They also offer interview advice and mentoring.www.suitedbootedcentre.org.uk/ Email: info@suitedbootedcentre.org.uk Tel: 07808 531 654
JOB CENTRE (DEPARTMENT OF WORK AND PENSIONS) There is now a Care Leavers Lead Coach in each of Enfield’s Job Centres. If you identify as a Care Leaver in your interview you will be provided with additional support, including financial support, considering your circumstances in order to access education, training and/or employment opportunities suitable to you.Speak to your allocated Social Worker or PA or come to our Hub to meet the DWP embedded officer in our Team in order to access more information about the support DWP can offer you.
DRIVE FORWARD supports care leavers to achieve their full potential with exciting and sustainable employment opportunities.https://driveforwardfoundation.org/ A representative of Drive Forward sits weekly at Enfield Leaving Care Offices. Ask your Social Worker or Personal Advisor to make an appointment on your behalf.
BRIGHT LIGHT is a joint project between The Children’s Society and Catch 22 to support Care Leavers over 16 years old and under 25 into apprenticeship and employment opportunities.If you would like to know more about this programme please contact brightlight@ catch-22.org.uk or come and speak to the Catch 22 representative available weekly at our HUB.
TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS FOUNDATION To Care Is To Do, supported by BT Sport’s The Supporters Club and Premier League, is designed to engage and inspire looked after children and care leavers within the local community, and sees Tottenham Hotspur Foundation provide a range of support services to help improve educational attainment, increase employability, develop life skills and promote healthy and active lifestyles.Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Lilywhite House, 782 High Rd, London N17 8ER Tel: 020 8365 5138 Email: foundation@tottenhamhotspur.com www.tottenhamhotspur.com
BECOME’s PROPEL is a fully searchable website for care leavers providing information on the support available to you at colleges and universities across the UKTel: 0800 023 2033 https://propel.org.uk/UK/
THE TIKO FOUNDATION is an educational grant giving charity funding young asylum seekers or young people with limited leave to remain, living in the UK, who are not entitled to Student Finance and cannot otherwise afford the costs of higher education at prestigious UK universities.https://www.tikofoundation.org/
THE WESTHEIMER SCHOLARSHIP provides yearly three Asylum Seekers with a Scholarship to study for a first degree or professional qualification in the fields of health and social care. The scholarship will pay home tuition fees, and living costs up to a maximum of £11,500 per year.https://services.unhcr.org/
SERCO Employment, Skills and Enterprise enables individuals to improve their life chances and social and financial circumstances by training, upskilling, supporting with apprenticeships, and helping them into lasting employment.www.serco-if.com