Education, Training and/or Employment Opportunities


Manny Farrugia is one of the specialist workers within the Care Leavers Service. You can access one to one sessions with him to address whatever barriers are preventing you from engaging in education, training or employment opportunities. He will support you in exploring different EET options based on your skills, preferences and life goals.

Manny is available at the Care Leavers Hub on Mondays from 09:00 until 17:00 for drop ins. Alternatively you can book an appointment via your Social Worker or Personal Advisor or directly with Manny by email:

To check out the courses that we have currently have running and book directly into sessions that take your interest please visit the Booking Lab.

To find out more about the support that the Leaving Care Service can offer with your education or employment goals please take a look at Goal 3 of our Local Offer.