IYE Providers

Enfield has received funding from the Mayor’s Young London Fund, to  deliver  our  Inspiring Young Enfield scheme. The programme will support young people to discover their talent and fulfil their potential.

Inspiring Young Enfield is a programme delivered via a consortium approach of 20 community providers with Enfield Council overseeing the delivery.

Inspiring Young Enfield aims to engage young people aged 10-21 offering a range of activities that will enhance young people’s emotional and physical well-being, help young people to make positive life choices whilst promoting pathways to employment, education and training. The programme will also offer a range of projects that will provide access to mentoring support, learning opportunities and sport, arts, dance, drama and culture activities.

Inspiring Young Enfield Process.

  • IYE breaks down into three components
  • Professional’s referral process
  • Open course and activities for young people to sign up to
  • School programmes and events which Schools in Enfield can sign up to

The type of programmes delivered by IYE providers are indicated by the following

Referral process
Open Course/activities
School programme

Read what IYE providers have on offer in the IYE Providers section.

Professionals referral process

Referrals to the Inspiring Young Enfield programmes can only be made by professionals working with young people who live or go to school in Enfield.

Categories for a professional:

  • Enfield council staff members who work with vulnerable young people.
  • Staff members from a community organisation based in Enfield and working with vulnerable young people.
  • Teachers who work in schools in Enfield.
  • All young people must live or go to school in Enfield and must be aged 10 – 19 or up to 25 if the young person has a disability.
To make a referral you can:
  1. Complete the referral form online HERE.
  2. DOWNLOAD a Word version of the referral from HERE.

Please ensure the referral form is fully completed; if not the referral form will not be processed.  When making an online referral ensure you type the name of the provider you wish to refer to.

The list of IYE providers are located down the left side of this page. Any IYE programmes you can refer to will have referral link beside them.

Open course and activities for young people to sign up to

For Inspiring young Enfield courses and activities open to young people to sign up to simply REGISTER ONLINE at www.youthenfield.taptub.co.uk and then  click on the Inspiring young Enfield Tab. Here there are a range of courses for young people to participate in. Course and activities will be added throughout 2020 to 2022.

Programme and events which Schools in Enfield can sign up to

If you are a school in Enfield and you wish an Inspiring Young Enfield provider to deliver one of their school base programmes, you may contact them directly.  Each provider’s email address and contact details are provided.