Inspiring Young Enfield Mentoring to Succeed

Enfield has received funding from the Mayor’s New Deals for Young People , to deliver a mentoring programme for young people aged 11 to 21 (up to 25 with SEND) who live or go to school in Enfield.

The programme will support young people to discover their talent and fulfil their potential.


IYE Mentoring Programme

The Inspiring Young Enfield (IYE) Mentoring programme falls in line with the Mayor of London’s commitment to provide a mentor for every young person in need. The IYE mentoring programme wants to create positive opportunities for every young person in Enfield, by enabling more young people in need to benefit from quality mentoring and youth activities.

Our commitment is to provide access to a dedicated mentor to young people who most need support and face the biggest challenges to reaching their potential. IYE mentoring is a structured 12-week programme aimed at young people aged 11-21 (up 25 SEND). It offers valuable mentorship services, personal growth and personal development opportunities. Our one-to-one engagement enables the mentee to engage with a positive role model who provides, advice, guidance and support.

The mentoring programme aligns with the Mayor of London Mentoring Quality Framework, a set of standards and guidelines designed to ensure that mentoring programmes in London are high quality and effective in achieving their goals.

IYE Mentors support young people by working on issues that are important to them. They support young people to make informed choices in their lives and enable them to meet their potential.

  • The programme aims to engage with and support young people
  • To take responsibility and work to improve key areas of their life
  • To improve their problem-solving, decision making and life skills
  • To increase resilience and strengthen protective factors

The Inspiring Young mentoring programme has two tiers;

Intensive Mentoring

Intensive Mentoring is open to any young person who needs support and face challenges in reaching their potential. This includes young people known to statutory services such as Youth Justice Service, young people on CP or CIN plan, LAC and early help. Our commitment is to provide access to a dedicated mentor, mentees will be matched with a mentor for up to 12 weeks.

Community Mentoring

Our community mentoring is an activity-based mentoring programme which runs up to 12 weeks. Mentees will receive personal support within our youth centres and in the community. A young person can go straight on to their chosen activity and will be allocated a mentor where the activity and mentoring will take place at the same time. This will be delivered by our youth work mentors and IYE partners.

For professionals working with vulnerable young people, please download referral form here;