Enfield Youth Council and UK Youth Parliament Candidates

Below are the candidates that are standing for both the Enfield Youth Council and the UK Youth Parliament. The individuals standing for the Enfield Youth Council ONLY are indicated through brackets on the second page. Presented below are the names, images, manifestos, and videos of each candidate. Please view your candidates!

Name of CandidateManifestoVideo LinkMy Photo
Isabelle StonesMy name is Isabelle and I am standing to be elected as UK Youth Parliament or Enfield Youth Council leader. My aim in this role is to ensure all young people feel represented and are given a voice. Voting for me will ensure you are no longer silenced, and are not only heard, but listened to. It’s time for us, as youths, to take back our voices. It’s time to make change happen. As your representative, I would ensure that: There are student discounts put in place so we don’t have to pay full prices in shops and get things cheaper (especially when it comes to buying chicken and chips after school) We, as young people, are no longer followed around shops by security guards because they think people of our age are going to steal. Anyone can make their voice heard and express their opinion on how to improve our society for young people. Youths (you!) are informed about decisions made by the council/ parliament. In order to deliver these aims, I will use my previous experience in student council to ensure everyone’s voice is listened to. I will also use my public speaking and teamwork skills gained from training at my drama school: LAMDA to ensure people’s wants are clearly represented and spoken about to create change. We’re stronger united, not alone, and it’s time we all came together to make this world the best it can be for us to grow up in. If not now, then when? And if not me, then who? Vote for me if you’re tired of not having a voice. Vote for me if you want to be heard. Vote for me to be your UK youth parliament leader if you want change.Click HereIsabelle Stones
Adam MessailiHello, my name is Adam Messaili I am 14 years old and I believe I should be elected for the Enfield youth council and UK Youth Parliament. If I am elected, I will strive and campaign to improve the lives of young people in Enfield. Firstly, I will help unfortunate young people get access to more opportunities such as affordable sports facilities everywhere for everyone in the borough, work experience and mental or physical support so they can have the best shot at success. Secondly, I will improve education so you can get a wider range of lessons. For example, teaching young people life skills such as using money or how to create and manage businesses Also, I will help discourage discrimination so everyone can live happily, safely and get the same opportunities in life. And lastly, I will help reduce pollution so everyone can breathe fresh and healthy air. If you would like to be a part of making Enfield a better place for all, a vote for me is a vote for a brighter future. Feel free to give me any ideas about improving Enfield. Thank you for your time.Click HereAdam Messaili
Armani TurnerHello, my name is Armani Turner and I'm standing to represent you at the next Enfield Youth Council or Youth Parliament. My aims for my term as your youth representative focus on three core policy areas: Social Justice Economic Justice Environmental Justice My key pledges in relation to these principles are: The establishment of an opt-in cultural week in Enfield to champion diversity and give students and youth an opportunity to share their cultures and partake in others in an educational and safe environment organised by Enfield London Borough Council. The creation of a system organised by Enfield Council to promote enviromentalism by supplying the appropriate supplies to recycle and compost within schools and places of education that opt-in to the initiative. Ensure no youth goes hungry by organising cooperation between Schools and Food Banks to provide excess food (that is still safe for human consumption) that cannot be sold by schools to local Food Banks through a link scheme between schools and charities like food banks, food pantries and meal centres for vulnerable people. The design of a public information campaign by Enfield Council to educate students and teachers on the ways to spot and deal with child poverty and provide youth with critical information for providers of affordable goods, food banks and the pertinent links to government services designed to end child poverty. What is mobility to you? Economic Mobility is defined as a person's economic well-being and their ability to change it over a time period in relation to education, background and identity. Tackling inequality is at the heart of this manifesto and always will be at the heart of policy making in Enfield should you choose to elect me. Economic and Social Mobility alongside Justice underpin my values and are behind my determination to represent Enfield. A vote for me is a vote for equitable justice, a vote for new lasting peace and a vote for tried and tested principles. Vote Mobility, Vote Armani.Click HereArmani Turner
Darren PaulI'm Darren Paul - I'm determined to represent the best of Enfield - showcasing its rich history and diversity. I want to be an ambassador for the youth: to make sure our voices are heard and challenges raised on the right platforms. I genuinely believe that my role is about promoting the benefits of education, sport, caring for the community and highlighting the importance of physical and mental well being. I am keen in promoting sports and efficiently utilising all the green spaces in Enfield. For example, I strive to decrease the cost of physical activities so they're accessible to more people. Sports such as running cost very little, and events such as Parkrun enable someone to test their fitness against others for free, with many locations available in Enfield and surrounding areas. I want to emphasise the benefits that sport can give you - keeping you fit physically and happier mentally. In an ever-changing world, and in tough times, our mental health must be where we need it to be - so we can endeavour to continue on positively. Additionally, I want to improve the facilities that we have right now, including keeping parks clean and upgrading the lighting that parks have - so we can be safer when it's darker. Furthermore, if elected, I'd like to propose a scheme in which teenagers can volunteer to train young children from disadvantaged communities in a particular sport and give back to their community, whilst keeping themselves occupied. I enjoy leading the teams I represent and I actively encourage participation from everyone. In a recession, it's fundamentally important that we as youth keep ourselves mentally and physically engaged. I am a strong advocate of financial education as well as social education so that we can all be proud to say "I come from and studied in Enfield". I want to stand in both elections as I want to represent all youth in my area working towards making Enfield and our country a better place for future generations.Click HereDarren Paul
Amina HamidiAnything is possible right ? whatever dream you put your mind to and work hard .isn’t that what we are all told ? What about for the kids who can’t speak out for themselves-who find that scary by anxiety ? what about kids who have to compete with adults to get their voice heard and for those who can’t reach their full potential due to no links between schools and the local community? Hello my name is amina hamidi and I believe you should vote for me because I want to take immediate action in schools and how they are helping us ,you and me to navigate both within schools and further . My goals are to increase support systems children receive in schools through more free school meals and dedicated mentoring and counselling Embedding live skills throughout primary and secondary schools such as practical activities like how to spot a baby chocking and what to do in that case. covering further activities like tax bills rent and how to handle money housing etc establishing a strong link between schools and extra activities including sports the art music that may lead to other opportunities in your life three in five young people between the age of 11 and 16 have barriers within their life whether it be mental health, limited school opportunities are unaware of the effects of the real world and I want to stop that I want to change their lives I want to change your life I want anything to be possible for you for us for everybodyClick HereAmina Hamidi
Luca JuluPlease vote for me as I have good ideas on how to make positive changes in issues that matters to all young people’s lives in Enfield and in London. A vote for me is a vote for you, your voice will be my voice and my voice will be your voice together we can make the difference in these tough times. If you elect me, I will tackle 3 important issues affecting all of us: 1. Mental Health and Wellbeing- I want to make sure that there is funding for all young people to have easy access, safe and private space to speak about any aspect of their mental health and wellbeing under my “LETS TALK” program. 2. HomeWork Club- I want all children in Enfield and London to access extra help if they need it by setting up a FREE HomeWork club network in schools and colleges. EXTRA HELP should be available to all and not only the RICH kids. 3. Sports Club-I want to make joining sports clubs affordable for all. Subscription costs have become too expensive and unaffordable for families, especially during the living costs crisis. I want to get funding to subsidise the costs in my “Sub-the-Sub” program. I have good organisational skills and get things done. I have experience in working with people to get things done, as well as raising money for charity. I am an ideal candidate because I care about our community and believe that we should fight for funding to help all young people in London. Lastly Your voice will be my voice and my voice will be your voice if you vote for me.Click HereLuca Julu
Divine MbaloulaHello everyone. My name is Divine Mbaloula and I am a candidate for the Enfield Youth Council and the UK Youth Parliament. I am understanding, quick-witted, passionate and dedicated to what I stand for, which is helping the youths of this community have their voices heard, even those who have no voice. There are a few things I aim to do if I am elected. First, I feel that young people are not taught the essential life skills that will help them thrive in adulthood. I will talk to the decision-makers about this so that the youths are prepared for adulthood. Secondly, I want to improve housing. Many youths are sleeping in a house filled with mould and leaks. This is an unsuitable way of living. I will make sure that all these matters are appropriately addressed to all the decision-makers in both Enfield and the Parliament so that positive action-plans can be implemented to promote a positive living and excellent quality of life. People with complex health conditions, learning difficulties and mental health issues require accessibility to a proper health care. It is only fair that those with special needs should be treated as individuals. Their rights are to be respected and their needs must be met. They should not be shunned when needing access to the NHS and Social Services. I will make sure that those who have special needs will have fair access to social services and appropriate treatment. This will happen by liaising with decision-makers at all levels in Enfield and at the Parliament. I will make sure that the voice of those whose lives have been affected because of the NHS’s mistakes get heard and receive their compensation. Thank you for reading my manifesto.Click HereDivine Mbaloula
Bradley MbaloulaMy name is Bradley Mbaloula and I’m putting myself forward for the Enfield Youth Elections and the UK Youth Parliament. I would like to be the voice of our diverse youth. I'm a critical thinker, optimistic and hard-working student. If I were elected my goals would be to improve accessibility to activities, events, education for a wider range of people. Another goal would be to spread awareness about mental health and people with special needs/learning difficulties. I’ll raise issue about fair housing as many families are struggling with repairs for being ignored. With bad weather on the way, houses are affected by mould that can dangerously affect human health and even cause terrible tragedy. I believe these aims would give young people a positive impact because they should be able to receive equal care and rights. Where they can belong and be part of a community. One of my achievements is helping to create Summer Uni 2022 program along with other young leaders. Where many young people were able to take courses of their liking such as STEM, cooking, eSports, art and much more. I am currently an Enfield Young Leader and I also took part in a sports leadership program to gain more experience and further sharpen my skills. Another course I am partaking in is the NCL Young Champions where they bring young people to express their opinions and views about the system and improvement of NHS. I have developed my confidence, risk assessment, judgement and my wider range of perspectives. I believe these would make me an ideal candidate because we need a calm, composed, inclusive and friendly council member who will help make changes. The future is bright! So please vote for me. Thank you for reading, have a good rest of your day. Click HereBradley Mbaloula
Ruth MobengeWhat is Enfield? It is the heart and home of many aspiring young people. To me, these young people are the sun and stars of Enfield that build up our community, but you may be wondering; who am I? My name is Ruth Mobenge and I am running for the EYC and UK Youth Parliament. Yet who I am should not matter. What matters is us and how we need to be all together as one to overcome the problems we face across the UK. With your vote, I can lead us towards surpassing the worst of our problems. Growing up, I felt as if I could not raise my voice to speak up, for fear of being judged, ridiculed or simply told I am wrong. I want to give you all the chance to discuss the issues you have about Enfield through a safe platform that encourages positivity, so that you feel empowered to give your opinion. This platform gives me the chance to identify your problems and create effective solutions. One of these problems is the lack of opportunities for young people, especially for those who can not pay for the chances to enhance their talents. Being elected as an EYC member is a step towards giving back to a place that has homed friends and family I love, just like Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford have done. Although I may not have the same influence as these footballers, we all have the power to help those in need and my first step to make an impact is through these elections. I believe, if we come together, we can make a positive and inclusive impact towards the growth and development of the youth, not only in Enfield, but throughout the UK. So, will you help me achieve this?Click HereRuth Mobenge
L’jeeta ThompsonHi I’m L’jeeta and I running for the Enfield youth council and Youth parliament due to the fact I think there should be more focus on preparing children for the future. You should vote for me to solve this problem by schools having a statutory responsibility to teach what it is like to manage your finances, including handling bills and the consequences of not paying them on time. They should not just focus on bills but mortgages, housing, and accessing job opportunities, including where to look, CV writing and interview skills. Particular attention should be given to supporting those who wish to set up businesses or charities by providing enterprise development support and social action training. We as students shouldknow about politics, policies and the police of the UK,including what they do and how to interact, plus so much more. This knowledge is essential for adult life, and it’s time that students aren’t left without the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. I firmly believe that our communities and schools should be better linked to helping us all achieve these goals. There are many jobs and professions in this world, and knowledge is power, so we should be aware of all the roles that exist, not just the typical roles like doctors, lawyers,nurses etc. I believe we can achieve this through careers days or talks held at school or in job locations, so teenagers can better see their options are vast. This information may give students a better understanding of careers that might be better suited to them in the long run, leading to better choices around their A levels or pathways into work. For those that don’t want to move straight into the world of work, volunteering locally or regionally will add some critical transferrable skills for their future and build their CVs. All children need to be more aware of activities like Cadets, Duke of Edinburgh, and first aid. I have experience in debating and have developed the following skills to talk up and use my voice I think these make me an ideal candidate as I can listen to what young people want and speak up for them. So please vote for me. Click Here, ,
Shanise MensahMy name is Shanise Mensah and I want to help positively impact Enfield and the country as much as I physically can. I have a humorous character yet when talking about topics I am passionate about I strive to get my point across. Going to the gym is one of my many hobbies and it really contributes to my determination and perseverance even though its very difficult to keep up with. There aren’t a lot of activities to do around Enfield and I believe this contributes immensely to the high crime rates in our Borough. I want to be able to feel safe when outside and to reduce these rates we need more activities to bring us closer together. Despite their expense, we need things such as youth centres, arcades etc. not only will this bring us together but it will allow us to meet new people, improve our social skills and bring us entertainment as there is currently not enough. Also, I believe that schools aren’t as beneficial as they appear to be and to change that, we need to be taught financial literacy and life skills. As to actually learn about these skills at the moment we are pushed into the world ourselves to find out the hard way which can negatively impact us emotionally. If children had more opportunity to learn and express themselves life would not appear as difficult and terrifying to us as we would be taught how to cope with majority of common adult issues. I know my determination and other vital characteristics will be enough to help resolve some of these issues as I will not back down from a tough challenge. We deserve to be heard and have things in place to better us for when we have to be independent and for our own children and future generations. Click HereShanise Mensah
Estel KayimHave to ever thought about why we as young people are often ignored? Have you ever thought about why our views are often looked down upon? Well, I am Estel Kayim, and I am here running for Enfield youth council and Parliament to bring change. Change is crucial in order to make a better place for all. However, change is a term which is easy to say but not always achieve. Because, I believe that in order to bring change, it needs to come from us - the generation of the future. By being elected, I will ensure to campaign for the climate crisis, disability awareness and putting an end to starvation. Although it would be the dream, it would be impossible for me to end these. However, we together can promote change by educating, influencing and helping others. I will ensure to listen to what the youth want and work together to build the change that seems so close yet so far. I will work with charities and non-profit organisations to campaign against current national and international problems. I will ensure to donate to food banks because no one deserves to suffer from starvation. I will ensure to promote British Sign Language and how it should be recognised as a GCSE. I will also ensure to educate and speak about how climate change will affect our generation and those to come. Vote for change now We need a change because Currently, there are more than 147,500 endangered species due to Global warming. We need a change because the disability employment gap between disabled and non-disabled people in the UK is currently 29%. We need a change because Poor nutrition and hunger are responsible for the death of 3.1 million children a year. Vote for me to put unity in the community, because in the words of Emma Watson, “If not me, who? If not now, When?”Click HereEstel Kayim
Kofi SenkyereHello, my name is Kofi Senkyere I am 14 years old and hopefully running for Youth Parliament and the Enfield Youth Council. Though I am young I have great visions for Enfield not only concerning the youth but Enfield as a whole. I stand for helping people be the best they can be. One of my aims are to teach better values for teenhood and adulthood to elaborate school is only focused on academic progress though important it is good to have values that are more essential to being an adult such as paying taxes appropriately.Even though school does teach us crucial values like through cooking until year 9 I still believe school should teach more about things we need. Why I also believe that I am an appropriate member for the UK Youth Parliament and the Enfield Youth Elections is that I have experience in The Diana Award Mentor Program, being form representative in year 9 so I was in the Student Council, I was in the Stand Out Jack Petchey Award and received the silver award in iDEA I also am an anti bullying ambassador with all this experience it has taught me valuable skills like Confidence, Communication, Teamwork and Leadership why I think this makes me an Ideal candidate is because all my life I have strived to make this best efforts so I can help the community in some way like for young peoples voices to be understood the next generation should be where things change for the better and for young people's voices to be understood will add the extra creativity that not only the youth need but what the current generation needs aswell.I believe in hard work and If I am elected I will absolutely try my hardest to evolve Enfield.Click HereKofi Senkyere
Jaiden Shaw JohnToo often, us young people and children are left behind, victims of negative circumstances and environment which no doubt impacts us mentally in a negative way. Too often children are trapped by situations in which they can feel helpless. And too often, this bad mental well-being hinders us young people from taking the opportunities we deserve as human beings. This raises a question – what can be done to further improve young people’s mental well-being ? If elected, I would advocate for children to be more aware about mental well-being. What is good mental well-being? What are the signs of bad mental well-being? Which activities can be undertaken to help improve our mental health? In short what can we as young people do to help ourselves. Additionally , if elected I would advocate for more safe accessible community spaces; additional programmes and activities for young people of all ages can allow us to socialise, interact more freely, learn new skills and learn new attitudes that can enable us to progress more. But the above are most certainly not the only ways in which our mental well-being can be improved. If elected, I would listen to your advise , thoughts and opinions, and make sure we come to a collective agreement as to how we can improve our mental well-being and become the best versions of ourselves Thank you for reading my manifesto. My name is Jaiden John and I am running for the Enfield Youth Council and the UK Youth Parliament. Remember, your mental health always comes first.Click HereJaiden Shaw John
Celab BrownJustice. Fairness. Equal Rights and Peace. This is what I stand for and I want to live in an Enfield where these principles concerning young youth are the CENTRE OF ATTENTION. My name is Caleb Brown and I want to live in an Enfield where education is more effective and young youth just like me and you can learn information that will benefit us in the long run. We need to learn things like how money works, how to set goals and practical life skills. I want to live in an Enfield where youth are not stereotyped. I know what it’s like to be judged on how you look, what school you go to or the colour of your skin. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, to most people this means I’m “different” and to some people “different” means ‘bad’ or something negative. However this is not always the truth, in my case different means “unique”, “remarkable ” and “extraordinary”. There are many young people like me who are different and I will not let that stop me or anyone else. I want to live in an Enfield where young people have a voice and their voices are heard. Most adults have forgotten what it’s like to be young (no offence) but it makes more sense for us to have a say in the decisions that will affect our lives in the long run. Why vote for me? I am ARTICULATE and will speak confidently on behalf of youth in the community. I have EXPERIENCE in the education system and know what it feels like to be stereotyped. I have served as class president and am currently a police cadet for the past two years so I have learnt the importance of using my voice. I have CONNECTIONS with family members and friends in high places that will help me manifest this manifesto and get stuff done. Vote for me and together we will create the Enfield we want to live in.Click HereCelab Brown
Markela LleshajI am Markela Lleshaj, overall as a candidate for the Enfield Youth Elections I want to do my best in order to improve mental health for everyone in Enfield, mainly teenagers, as well as make daily life for everyone more exciting. The changes in which I will do my best to enact are: Introduce multiple places for teenagers and, in general, young adults to attend and explore what they are passionate about. Introduce more useful lessons in school that relate to real-life daily tasks, which students will need when they become older, after leaving school. Organise more events in schools in Enfield where students can learn about different cultures in fun ways. Organise more Enfield Youth trips. I believe that this list of ideas will have a positive impact on people living in Enfield, as they can improve our mental wellbeing, making people more inclusive and prepare students in school for skills they, most likely, will need after leaving school. I trust that I am the best person for the EYC and UK Youth Parliament because I am experienced in skills such as teamwork, leadership and public speaking, from school activities like Aspiring Researchers , being student deputy leader in school and the Jack Petchey Challenge. I think that because I participated in these activities, I have also learnt to be a great listener and to include and understand everyone’s ideas when making a decision. Click HereMarkela Lleshaj
Mithraya KajenthiranMy name is Mithraya Kajenthiran, and this is why I think you should vote for me. I stand for equality and more importantly believe that the voices of young people are as equally as important as the voices and concerns of older people in Enfield. To improve society, it is important that all voices are heard as we seek to craft a better and more inclusive future. Working towards improving the mental health of younger people is a key concern. If elected, I would aim to hold more events and fundraisers to help raise awareness for under-represented issues happening today such as suicide prevention amongst young people. I would also like to organise cultural events to expose people to different lifestyles through events across London like parades for different cultural traditions etc. Lastly, I would also like to host an open town hall event where members of any community can voice their issues, which will be passed on to members of the Enfield Youth Council. I believe these aims will have a positive impact on young people as it provides a good opportunity to bring all of Enfield together to collectively. Working together, we can improve Enfield and make it a better place and ensure everyone’s involved and acknowledged as well as encourage them to be more social. I have experience in public speaking as I received a distinction in my English Language Spoken GCSE. I am also part of St John Ambulances Cadets which developed my teamwork skills and my ability to both communicate with and help others. I am multilingual and can communicate with a large variety of people. Overall, I believe you should vote for me as I have a varied skill range that I have developed that I can apply to ensure that what I would like to achieve in the future will be achieved, and through doing this, I hope to make a positive impact in Enfield and improve aspects of the lives of younger people.Click HereMithraya Kajenthiran
Mari-May OzkanI would make an ideal candidate for Enfield and UK Youth Council because of my outspoken nature; I do not shy away from expressing my opinions and responding to counterarguments. My knowledge of 5 languages will also ensure that communication is at its strongest. I have experience helping the community by volunteering and translating at the library, tutoring the local primary school students, and litter picking on the weekends. My political beliefs target the discrimination built into our society, including the ableism and homophobia that is all too common, especially among young adults. My main aims, should I be elected, are to improve street lighting in alleyways and parks, provide more accessible support for neurodivergent teens, and celebrate the queer community in Enfield and the UK. Young people today should not dread walking home along dark streets, fearing the worst. Ensuring that the roads are well lit will also create a safer Borough. From other young people's anecdotes and my own experiences, getting a referral and diagnosis for neurodivergency is unnecessarily complicated, consequently affecting mental health. It is essential that support is freely available. The main way in which I will enact this is by changing the policies for the referrals so that GPs can submit young people for the waiting list, not just schools. Unfortunately, even though there has been a lot of progress in acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, homophobia and the use of homophobic slurs is still prevalent in teenage groups. One way to combat this would be to talk more about the queer community in school PSHE curriculums, and hold events such as picnics and mini parades to celebrate iconic moments in queer history. Click HereMari-May Ozkan
Musa KilicHello, my name is Musa Kilic, and I'm 12 and go to a grammar school. I may be one of the youngest candidates, but my changes will help Enfield for the next generation. I stand for equal rights in all people, no matter what gender or origins you come from. I am passionate about modelling and 3D engineering, and drama. I also play the violin, and I’m pretty decent at it. If I become part of the Enfield Youth Elections, I will make Enfield a safer and more inclusive place. This can be achieved by fixing the sexist PE curriculum in many schools. Did you know 1 in 4 football matches in Edmonton at mix-gender schools are boy matches? If I get your vote, I can fix this biassed scale for all. I also want to open up more youth centres or make more events to help the youth of Enfield realise their full potential or have fun! You can also email suggestions to help Enfield if I become part of the team. I will always want to hear suggestions from the community. I think I should be voted due to my political skills, my social skills and just my humour overall. I will really try and help Enfield and a political role at a young age will really train me for when I am older. I am extremely generous, I donated £67.85 in change I collected for over 3 years to Cancer research, which is still a big achievement for me to this day. I believe I should be the person getting your vote. I hope we share the same opinions… Click HereMusa Kilic
Helios Francisco Greetings fellow residents of Enfield. My name is Helios Castañón-Francisco, I have lived in Enfield for 9 years, pretty much all my life has been spent here. I have a fiery passion for politics and political issues which drives me forward in any opportunity I get to express said passion. My main vision is that of making Enfield a close knit community, where people can feel at ease, knowing that they are in a community of their own with people that they can trust, and a governing body that they can confide in. How I hope to achieve this is first, we must make Youth Centres accessible to all of us because it can’t serve its purpose if you have to drive to the other side of Enfield to access a place which can have this much impact on our lives. My second means is making every single one of us have the opportunity to go out and enjoy numerous public areas without the fear of having to leave when it becomes dark, or of gangs occupying the area and making it unavailable to others. Furthermore, the other issue which I hope to tackle, is education for young people on what life after secondary truly is, and how to handle their future. Since I have personally seen countless fellow youths throw away their education and disregard anything that does not satisfy their short-term desires, It is clear that they do not have a proper understanding of how the real world works, which makes it explicit that we must take a different approach on career education, as the current strategy does not get through to today’s youth. So if you also feel the need for community like I do I truly hope you vote for me, thank you.Click HereHelios Francisco
Marly MbaloulaHi everyone, I’m Marly Mbaloula and I’m putting myself forward for both the Enfield Youth Council and the UK Youth Parliament. I’m a quick-witted, keen learner and am always interested in your thoughts and ideas. I want to make sure that everyone’s voices are heard, and that we all work together to solve any issues. If I’m elected, I’d aim to increase awareness of mental health issues and learning difficulties. I want to give a voice to those who have none, and I want to make sure that young people can talk to trusted people that understand them. Raising awareness of these issues will mean that we can also remove mental health stigmas, which stop people from getting the help they need. There aren’t many life skills being taught in schools, like finances and taxes. This means young people are often unprepared for the future. If I’m elected, I’ll make sure that these essential skills are taught more often in schools, so the youth of Enfield are better prepared for the future once they leave school. I also aim to make sure any issues and ideas are raised with any decision-makers so that we can make Enfield a better place for young people. Some of these ideas might include better lighting on the streets and better access to leisure and youth centres. I have some experience in doing this, as I was part of the Enfield Young Leaders program, where we chose and promoted activities that young people could take part in during the summer, but I know we can always do more. I’m committed to implementing your ideas and opinions. Vote for me so that we can make Enfield a better place for the many, and not the few.Click HereMarly Mbaloula
Sava RabinskisI am Sava Rabinskis, a 14-year-old student studying at Southgate School. I am running in the Enfield Youth Council and the UK Youth Parliament to represent the voices of our youth and to bring about positive change in our communities. If I get elected, I will focus on three key areas: climate change, equality, and opportunities. Firstly, I will work towards reducing plastic use and waste, and making Enfield and the UK as green and carbon neutral as possible. This will include promoting sustainable practices in our daily lives, such as using reusable bags and water bottles, and supporting local initiatives that encourage eco-friendly habits. I will also push for policies that incentivize businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and to invest in clean energy sources. Secondly, I believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, or background. I will work towards increasing diversity and inclusion in our schools and communities, and push for policies that support marginalized groups. I also want to open up more opportunities for people in fields such as IT and Maths, by inviting guest speakers into schools and providing funding for webinars and other online learning resources. Thirdly, I will campaign for equality and fairness in all aspects of our lives. This will include fighting against discrimination and prejudice, and advocating for policies that support marginalized groups. I will also work towards creating a more inclusive society, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. In conclusion, I believe that by working together, we can create a brighter future for the youth of Enfield and the UK. I am committed to representing your voices and bringing about positive change in our communities. I hope that you will support my campaign and vote for me in the upcoming elections.Click HereSava Rabinskis
Leyla RileyMy goals as part of the Enfield Youth Council and Youth Parliament, is to empower young people by creating more opportunities regarding the arts and educating children and teens on discrimination. What I hope to achieve is a generation that are intelligent artistically and socially as well as academically. I believe that children from a young age deserve to be encouraged to follow their dreams of becoming musicians, artists and dancers rather than being told they should pursue careers such as law or medicine because they’re more academic. To resolve this, I would introduce free workshops for musical theatre, dance, drama and competitive events such as talent shows with prizes to build confidence and ambition. Everyone deserves an opportunity to go into whatever industry they wish, and I will make this possible through any means necessary. My second goal is to educate children from primary and early secondary school on topics such as discrimination through mandatory lessons on worldly matters. This would include topics such as racism, classism, sexism and so on. This is because many schools start these conversations (if they’re started at all) too late. It’s essential for young children to feel like they can speak out if they recognise they’re being treated unfairly. We can also prevent children from taking part in discriminatory behaviour they pick up at a young age before it’s too late. Many children must deal with hurtful and insensitive comments from others because those people don’t understand that what they’re saying is wrong. Knowledge is power but is not just limited to academics. Knowledge is talent, confidence, awareness but most importantly different for everyone. Knowledge is a key for a progressive future and a tool of empowerment for our generation.Click HereLeyla Riley
Shiloh EvansHi, My name is Shiloh Evans, and I'm putting myself forward for both, Enfield youth council and Enfield youth parliament. I would love to be elected and represent the youth. Something I will say, is that I will bring about change, I will listen to you. Together we can positively impact and help the young people of today. I’m very dedicated to everything do. Not only am I confident enough to share my ideas and present, but I am also a very driven person. I can promise that I will get stuff done. Personally speaking, I feel as though we should bring about more competitive activities. Competitions not only inspire people to do their best, but they also encourage independence. Something else I think we should look into, is enabling kids to have access to creative activities, such as art, dancing, photography. What we need to remember is that yes, school and academics is important, but how are we supposed to grow as a person and find our passions if we’re only presented with one thing. And that leads onto my next point... Many children live in a cycle. We wake up, go to school, come back home then sleep and so the cycle continues. In the last three years, the likelihood of a young person having a mental health problem has increased by 50%. One of the ways I believe we can tackle this issue is to do day trips. For example, here in Enfield, not everyone is privileged enough to go out to different places, to explore. Even a trip to the beach, not a lot of people can or have done that. I believe there should be a balance between school life and social life, the youth should be able to see the world around them. Another thing we should do is get the youth involved with the community, we should be promoting volunteering as it not only helps the people around you, but also allows the young person to gain skills and experience that may benefit them in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I'd love to represent you.Click HereShiloh Evans
Sila KarapinarI am Sila Karapinar, a 12 year old girl, that wants to make a difference; whether its something small or big, I want to make someone’s youth just a little bit better.I love a good debate and am passionate about creating a community where everyone is accepted for who they are. During the lockdowns many including myself lost vital social skills, that haven’t been regained. I want to bring our community together and have weekly get-togethers, we can make new friends, get out of the house and learn how to be sociable again.This can also help boost people’s morale and help people overcome anxieties they may have about meeting new people. I would like to have more representation from different communities being seen in school as discrimination is different for everyone . If we have people with real life experiences with inequity sharing their stories, it can make people facing prejudice feel less isolated and make others understand the negative impacts of discrimination. I can be successful at representing the EYC and UK youth parliament as I have experience in both debating and public speaking from which I have gained communication skills vital for this role. I look at things from all angles and am a quick, creative thinker. I can be the voice for the unheard youth of Enfield, of the UK, I can be your voice.Click HereSila Karapinar
Iceniean Brazil Youth violence, crime, not enough leisure activities, and dirt are all problems you and I face. These are the problems that if elected, I will put my ability in to fix. As a candidate for the Youth Enfield Council elections as well as Youth Parliament elections, I know that I can be of use to you; as my experience in public speaking, and being an active citizen in general has given me the gifts of persuasion and communication. I stand for harmony; I vision a safer Enfield with less crime. Realistically, crime cannot be reduced to zero, however it can be reduced; that’s the ideology I use: to vanquish as much crime as possible as to make Enfield safer. Enfield has a beautiful range of different cultures. Whilst we are different, we must unite as one to communicate to tackle crime. Firstly, to help young people I’d like to introduce more CCTV and community patrols; to deter people from committing crime. We did this during the 2019 Enfield Says No To Crime campaign, and crime rates fell. Additionally, if elected, I will send out a poll to young people asking them about crime they see. I understand that not all crime is reported to the police; that young people prefer to stay quiet. I myself witness crime often. Then, I’ll send another poll asking the youth what they think should be done to reduce crime, and what should be done to make Enfield a better place in general. With this feedback, I will turn Enfield into a safer haven. Also, upon asking young locals what they would like to see improved in Enfield, I heard many say more activities to do with friends and a clean up of the area. I understand, as even when I’m with my friends we get bored easily. So, I will advocate to introduce youth play schemes (including sports- football, basketball etc), and talk the council into giving out more street trading licenses, which would allow businesses to open their markets around Enfield. We’ll see more clothes, music, jewellery markets and more. To make Enfield cleaner for you, I’ll refer to ‘I Volunteer’, whom volunteer in the community, to do a clean up of streets, parks and dusty areas. Once I have made progress into tackling crime, my next missions will be these. Thank you for reading my manifesto,Click HereIceniean Brazil
Daria DeskovaHello I am a candidate for Enfield Youth Council and London Youth Parliament. I am a reliable person and handle well with responsibilities. If elected I would aim to help children in my area with any issues necessary. In my school I am part of the stepping stones project with means I mentor a Year 7 and help make their transition easier. This gives me the necessary skills to deal with problems people in my community may face. I believe that all adults and children deserve daily support in all areas necessary. I understand how difficult it can be to know what to do all the time and I would aim to support all people in my community.Click HereDaria Deskova
Bektas PolatHello my name is Bektas Polat, I’m 12 years old, if elected I will aim to project why young people’s voices should be heard. The reason I believe our voices should be heard are that we have amazing ideas but cannot express how we would like, because we are young and no one sees the potential in us. Also because some of us need to stand up for ourselves and not be trodden on. If elected I will go to amazing heights to try and stop young children vaping and instead encourage them to partake in new activities. Personally, I believe that we should stop vaping as it can cause diabetes, asthma, and lung disease. Additionally, some include cannabis/weed. Even if I can manage to get 30% of young people to quit vaping that will be a major upside not only their lives but their parents too. Police cadets, a fun, educational way to learn about self-defence, first aid and more. I have been a police cadet since the age of 10 and last year have received my greatest achievement until now being the cadet of my borough and quite frankly joining has changed my life for the better. In my opinion everyone who has a child aged 10 and 18 should enrol them because it is an amazing experience there is also army, sea, ambulance and air cadets. All of which are fantastic. I’m a confident leader, hardworking, devoted and helpful person overall. Since year 1 primary school, I have contributed to my school council every year, so I have a lot of experience in tough situations. As buzz lightyear once said, ‘I will go to infinity and beyond’ to help you all. This is why I’m a good candidate for the youth parliament and youth council.Click HereBektas Polat
Anil SahindalClick HereAnil Sahindal
Kyle JohnstonClick HereKyle Johnston
Finley WillisClick HereFinley Willis
Zain Ahmed (Enfield Youth Council candidate ONLY)I believe that I would be the best representative of Enfield Youth Council due to my ability to think logically and realistically to come up with solutions that are viable for the council. I also believe that I am confident enough to speak during meetings with the intention of making a real difference. I believe that equal opportunity and increased interaction with youth is important as it will not only make their life easier but also help guide people to work more and do the things that will benefit them in the future. Also, I believe that there should be an increased push for different celebrations with things like Eid or Diwali being celebrated more amongst the borough to increase unity in the community but also representation. I feel that there needs to be more opportunities for people regardless of their background, I am passionate about social mobility and feel that young people should have the same chances regardless of their background and income. I would like to make work-experience more accessible for students whether that comes from working with local businesses or advising schools to promote more opportunities. Overall, a stronger connection with school’s extra-curricular schemes will allow us to more heavily influence the number of chances that young people receive. I have experience in LAMDA and have developed public speaking skills which would enable me to interact with other members better and so would make me an ideal candidate. I am a friendly and approachable person and get on well with my peersClick HereZain Ahmet
Matilda Ward (Enfield Youth Council candidate ONLY)Hi! My name is Matilda and I’m 14 years old. I have lived and gone to school in Enfield my whole life, so I know what it is like to live here and what issues our borough faces. One thing that I think is a problem is our school curriculum. School is defined by the dictionary as an institution for educating children. Yet are we being educated properly? We are learning to the test and learning lots of things that won’t benefit EVERYONE when we are older but is school really educating us? Are they teaching us how to take out a loan, how to cook, how to budget ourselves? Things all of us will need when we grow up. Shouldn’t schools be preparing us for that? I believe schools need to have a wider curriculum that teaches us skills that will be valuable to everyone for the rest of their lives. If I’m elected as a member of the Enfield Youth Council, I will do my best to make sure there are more workshops and extra-curricular sessions at school to help support us and build our fundamental skills we will need as we grow up. This would include learning how to take out a mortgage, interview skills, cooking and writing a cv. There are many other topics that I would raise if elected such as tackling the stereotypes young people face and organising more accessible and inclusive community events. I believe I would be a valuable member of the Enfield Youth Council as I’m a confident speaker while also being a very attentive listener. I’ll hold my own opinions whilst also listening and voicing your opinions within the council. Voting for me would ensure there to be an active voice representing you. Click HereMatilda Ward