Wellbeing Connect Services

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Wellbeing Connect Services will offer:

Holistic assessment of the young people’s needs.

Provide Education and Support to parents on Modern Day Slavery and other related matters (Awareness programme).

Provide Education and Support to young people on Modern Day Slavery (Awareness programme). This will include awareness on bad company or gangs, how to develop positive mental wellbeing, becoming a good citizen, coping with challenges of adolescence, understanding the impact of modern society on their mental wellbeing and building resilience.

Organise interactive workshops on building a positive future free from crime, emotional, psychological or mental strains, by organising peer led support groups.

Organise workshops on cultural music, drama, dance, print media, photography, podcast, fashion, cookery, and any other activities that the young people express interest in as part of our group and one to one support.

Provide Advocacy support and representation to young people and their families.

The project focuses primarily but not exclusively on young people aged 10-14, parents and guardians. In addition, we also hope to extend it to other age group from 15 -21 and their families. We do expect some of those young people supported will be up to school leaving age.

  • For Group work – we will provide support for up to 100 young people in 2 ½ years
  • For one-to-one – we will provide support for up to 30 young people in 2 ½ years
  • For parental & family support – we will provide support for up to 25 families in 2 ½ years.

215 Fore Street, Edmonton, London, N18 2TZ.


Tel no:
0208 803 2200